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Luxe Property Management is your go-to company for taking care of your long-term investment rentals in Hopkins, Belize! With tons of local experience, Luxe handles all the daily hassle for your long-term rental properties. 

Property documentation-Initial Inspection

Effortless property documentation and inspection services. We handle the details, ensuring your property is documented and inspected with precision and care.

Admin & Accounting

We manage property admin and accounting for you. No stress, just smooth operations. Your time is valuable – let us handle it seamlessly on your behalf.

BTB Licensing & Registration

Seamless Belize Tourism Board Accommodation License process from start to finish. Let us handle the details, ensuring hassle-free compliance for your peace of mind.

Marketing & Viewing

We arrange tenant showings and market your property for maximum tenant appeal. Stress-free leasing, tailored to attract ideal tenants effortlessly.

Leasing & Vetting

Competitive pricing, widespread marketing, and thorough tenant screening work together to secure a quality tenant for your rental property.

Maintenance & Repair

Quality, timely & competitively priced repairs for occupied and vacant properties.

Transparency & Communication

  • How long does it take to find a tenant?
    There are not guarantee on the time it takes to find a tenant. However, we work hard to limit the time your property is vacant. We ensure that rent price is set at a realistic amount and that we have good photos to display of the property across marketing platforms to attract the right tenant.
  • How often do you carry out inspection of our property?
    We ensure we conduct inspection in a timely manner to maintain standard and quality. We carry out inspections 2-4 times per year for long and short term rentals. We carry out inspection for long term at the start of tenancy and then 6 weeks and before tenant move-out.
  • How much is your property management fees?
    Luxe Property Management believes in recognizing the uniqueness of each investment property. Our tailored fee structures account for property size, location, and the time and effort needed for effective management. We adjust fees based on factors like turnover, repairs, maintenance, and potential challenges like rent arrears or rental dispute resolutions.
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